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Winter is almost here in Topeka Kansas!

11/11/2016 (Permalink)

Don't forget to unhook your hose from the spigot!

The leaves are turning, the days are cooler and winter is in the air. Air conditioners are idle and the furnace has not kicked on yet. While we are enjoying this transition remember, it is never too early to begin projects that get our homes ready for winter.

One easy task that is often overlooked is unhooking the garden hose from the outside spigot. A hose left attached during freezing weather can cause pipes to burst as ice works its way up the hose into the home. Because of the recessed valve in frost free hose bibs, many times homeowners are unaware of the damage until they use their hose in the spring.

The spring ritual of washing your car in the driveway can have disastrous effects as water jets into your home. At SERVPRO we see major damage in home after home every spring as this avoidable scenario plays out.

A few seconds to keep your hose unhooked after use, especially in the fall can possibly save you time, money, and a lot of stress.